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Old 31st December 2010
A question on Audio Fidelity...

Firstly, I would like say the typical, and the obvious, that is that I am very grateful that such sites as gearslutz exist, and that an engineer/ producer such as yourself is willing to participate in these discussions...

what level of importance do you think fidelity plays in the end? I was interested that you mentioned those "early" reggae records, with there exaggerated lower frequencies that they wouldn't be the same without... not to mention, the extreme inconsistency from record to record in audio quality. To bring it back to my first question, the recording of Suffragette City is one of those songs that's a little on the edgy side, production wise, the Guitars are loud and abrasive, not to mention the guitar is out of tune heh But the music is classic regardless, in fact, I think that the lower fidelity and edgy production on many of those old records adds to the overall effect... Was it intentional, or was it a product of limitation? Todays standards are very high, and the digital realm has made Hi-Fi easily achievable, you don't often hear that same kind of gritty audio quality in modern productions. Great songs are great regardless of fidelity, but how important is high audio quality, and would you say that degraded quality can add to the product, or do you think it's a myth?

Thanks for your time, sorry about my long-windedness.