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Old 31st December 2010
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A friend and I once compared the Oscillators on his LAMM and his Prophet 5 rev 3 and they sounded identical, I guess they use the same chips so osc wise they are no different. Filterwise, well, they are.

What I hated about the MM's I've played is the latency when playing the keyboard or through midi. I think the LAMM fixes this, but I can't remember for sure. I liked the sound over all, and the flexibility is nice, but IIRC the modulation amounts were all tied together, and some through the mod wheel, and that made me a bit frustrated as I was used to synths that allowed finer control over modulation to different destinations.

Still a great synth, 3 osc's are so much better than 2, but that latency thing just spoils it for me.