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I literally stumbled on a link to this while looking up Apex 460 mods on Google. Based on what you posted, and especially Dave Thomas's endorsement, I just bought one on Ebay...for $315, there was magically a 10% off coupon in my mailbox when I logged on!

Now the question is: what do I do with the Apex 460 I just got from the FedEx guy yesterday? I bought it to have it sent out for modding ($349). I tried it last night and was surprised that it was actually pretty usable right out of the case. Should I just put a new/better tube in it and have it for a different sound?

If so, what tubes would be recommended? And how easy is it to get into the Apex to do the replacement?

I just joined the forum although I've lurked for a long time. I'm a singer (lucky enough to have been produced by Jack Douglas and Jack Richardson among others) so mics are definitely my thing ;-) I'm blessed to have a vintage U-67 but that's way too precious to use just doing songwriter vocals at home, so I'm digging all this Chinese clones/modding that's going on.

Thanks again Kid for the tip!

Michael Lee Smith CM-6 is a bargain at $ really scored a deal with that coupon!... far as swapping out tubes go, it's a pretty simple process in either mic...while the CM-6 benefits from a NOS EF86 upgrade (or the E80F type tube which I'm currently using in my mic), the Apex 460 generally sounds better with an NOS GE 6072 tube (or you can also try a 6201/12AT7WA as another option)...since mics like the 460 are usually stocked with a cheap Chinese made 12AX7, replacing the tube with a better quality NOS tube (with a lower gain rating like the 12AT7 or 12AY7/6072) will usually smooth out the mic's response, taming any high-end harshness...

...with the mic unplugged, simply unscrew the base of the mic and slide off the body sleeve to reveal the tube/socket carefull not to handle the circuit or any of the exposed components...sometimes there's a bracket supporting the tube in position, that has to be removed...gently rock the stock tube side to side as you pull it out of the sometimes helps to wipe the new tube with a tissue to remove any oil from your fingers which can heat up and damage the tube, once you set it in the should burn in the new tube for 48-72 hours, before you judge any sonic improvements...

...and of course, there's a number of mods that can also be done to the 460 (already implemented on the CM-6) if you chose to do the forum for "Apex 460 mod", as there's quite a bit of info to be read thru...good luck with your "tube rolling"!...