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oh, Lord.
just sell it all and buy a really nice guitar.
you know you want to. heh
You must have confused my screen name with a different one: "grumphh". He is the guitarist in the GS EMI&EMPgroup... not me, I'm afraid.

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I"m going to stick my neck out and say the 'real' reason a lot of you are downsizing is because of the state of the economy and where we're headed with current events. Keyboards aren't the only thing getting downsized at the moment. Just my .02//
?? Knock on wood, I don't have to worry about that. My reason for downsizing is purely what I have stated - I'm overwhelmed by too much stuff.

Originally Posted by Yoozer View Post
Why sell this one? You've bought it recently if I recall correctly; you're going to take a pretty heavy loss on it, and chances are that upgrading to the Apogee will not really be a night-and-day difference. At least strike a deal to have 'm going side-by-side.

I'm not claiming this out of having experience with either interface - it's just a matter of financial caution.

Besides, chances are that you're going to leave enough gear in there to fully use those 24 channels anyway heh're right, I bought that SSL recently, but - as I do with most of my gear - I bought it used for a really good price... so if I do sell it, I might actually make some money on it You're right though, I'd probably not get much difference with an Apogee, but I like the total integration with Logic.

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It's too bad that it's a cellar - because otherwise I'd get a nice real piano in there. Would be a complete pain to move in there, but it'd slurp up a good amount of money you'd get back from the sales, and if anything reminds you of your skills as a musician, it's that - no sequencing, no key transpose, no quantize.
I've got a K2500 with weighted keys for that And have you heard the Quantum Leap pianos included in CCC? I think the combo K2500 controller + QL Pianos would be pretty much fantastic and good enough for me. Actually it wouldn't be a pain to move a real piano in there at all (it's a walk-out basement with large door). I might do it in the future. Plenty of free pianos on Craigslist...

Originally Posted by Yoozer View Post
If you're downsizing because of that and fear of job loss then the vintage synths would have to go first. No offense, but all of this is pretty cheap stuff. Once the Jupiter has to go because you can't pay your mortgage otherwise, then you know bovine excrement has hit the propeller.
Luckily (and due to my hard work and earlier life choices) I don't have that problem. Like I said... my downsizing stems from being overwhelmed by too much gear that I accumulated.