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Thanks so much for the heads up, KidVybes

I literally stumbled on a link to this while looking up Apex 460 mods on Google. Based on what you posted, and especially Dave Thomas's endorsement, I just bought one on Ebay...for $315, there was magically a 10% off coupon in my mailbox when I logged on!

Now the question is: what do I do with the Apex 460 I just got from the FedEx guy yesterday? I bought it to have it sent out for modding ($349). I tried it last night and was surprised that it was actually pretty usable right out of the case. Should I just put a new/better tube in it and have it for a different sound?

If so, what tubes would be recommended? And how easy is it to get into the Apex to do the replacement?

I just joined the forum although I've lurked for a long time. I'm a singer (lucky enough to have been produced by Jack Douglas and Jack Richardson among others) so mics are definitely my thing ;-) I'm blessed to have a vintage U-67 but that's way too precious to use just doing songwriter vocals at home, so I'm digging all this Chinese clones/modding that's going on.

Thanks again Kid for the tip!

Michael Lee Smith