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Respect for posting this. Im with you - although for me Ive spent too long now 'thinking' about what synths and gear to have as opposed to being overwhelmed with what I have...
I realised its better to have several solid pieces rather than many so-so...
Thank you kindly. I think I am posting what many people here don't want to admit, but in reality they feel the same.

For the record, these are a couple of pics of my current setup. I'm talking about 23 keyboards, 18 rack modules, several drum machines, effect boxes, modular ect. and hundreds of darn cables.

Basically I spend my time pulling in and out keyboards, trying different sounds on synths and modules, getting LOST in an ocean of cables, patch cords, connections, computer and mixer routings and so forth.

It is a great home studio, but I am overwhelmed... I can't play them all. I am not an octopus, I'm simply a man with two arms and two feet.

As much as I love keyboards and synths and samplers and gear.... and I really, really do just like anyone else here...'s too much and I am once again admitting it to myself. This is not the first time this happens to me, either... this already happened to me in 2004. I had even more stuff back then.

I agree with you - "it's better to have several solid pieces rather than many so-so..."

I have a lot of experience with synths and sounds. But I can also play, unlike many other people who can only turn knobs to make fart noises but are mostly interested in the technical aspects of gear.

I am a composer first, and a gear-lover after.

For what I can see, the best sounds right now are coming from East-West.

They are offering The Complete Composers Collection for $799. Those sounds are the best of them all, in my view.

So I decide to sell a lot of my current gear in the pics, upgrade from Mac Mini to Mac Pro, get an Apogee interface (ensemble or the new system), the CCC, simplify my setup greatly, and get back in the box. I discovered Logic, this year, and it became my favorite sequencer.

The Tascam mixer, SSL-24 ch.interface, Juno-G, DW-8000, D-70, DSS-1, two of the three W-30s, EPS, Bit99, FZ-1, DK 70, Radias R, Proteus 1& 2, DVP-1, MidiverbII, SRV-3030 and MPX-1 will have to be the first ones to go. Then I'll cut even more stuff, until I find the perfect amount of synths than I can handle and be productive with.