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...yes, still the Valvo E80F...and Jesse can be tough to track...she's got mad dynamic range...this is a girl who sings at live shows without a mic sometimes...she's got her own "God-given" PA...Musical Blessings!
Yeah, I let my wife listen and pointed out the 1 to 2 feet back. Yeah, Jesse can wail no doubt. I'll bet she could blow your ear out if you got too close.

We messed around with Blumlein last night but she hasn't sang in a long time and was struggling a bit. I'm gonna try backing her off another couple of inches and see if it smooths out on the top end a little. It was a little edgy, but not harsh at all. Still only have about 10 hours of burn on em. Which reminds me, I'm gonna hook em up right now and burn some more.