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Thanks, Joe!

Needless to say - if you're in Lisbon or somewhere near it you're more than welcome either on Opening Day or any other day! The mixing studio will be ready by Jan. 20th. When I say ready, I mean all the technical part of the job - acoustics, electrical, ventilation, audio and picture projection.
Dolby is pushing me to install a 35mm projector in order to qualify the studio for theatrical mixes, so I got us an old (but fully operational) Kinoton FP20, which will serve the purpose. In my current studio installation I do have a 35mm projector, but I remember using it on one project only during the whole 2010. Nobody is printing positive here anymore...

The platform is built on 10cm x 5cm frame, the lower deck is 60cm high, the upper deck is 1,2m high.
On top of the frame we laid one layer of cotton waste sheet (the one I'm calling A1 throughout the thread), which works as a shock absorber while, at the same time, killing reflections inside the cavity between the deck and the floor. This space is additionally filled with rolls of A1. This way, we get an extra trapping under the platform, as we left the front side open, to be covered by fabrics only.
On top of A1, there's one layer of plasterboard, then 5 Kg/m2 deadsheet, and, on top a layer of chipboard (19mm), all nailed to the frame. This "sandwich" is very solid and does not resonate.
On top of it, there will be a natural oak flooring. The rest of the room will be covered by carpet.