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edited by cramseur :Like many here, I've got too much stuff. Too many keyboards, modules, software.... cables etc. I have to admit and be honest - it's overwhelming.

I spend most of my time like butterflies do in spring, dancing from synth to synth to try different sounds, tinkering endlessly, without ever focusing enough to sit down and record an actual good song from start to end.

I have so many choices of gear to use, that I get so stressed out on which ones to use, that I never record anything anymore.

Back in the day when I only had a couple of keyboards, I was very musically prolific.

YES, this is GearSlutz.

You are SUPPOSED to look forward to the first person opening the new "this month's new gear" thread, and be PROUD to announce to the synth community what nice little toy you've bought lately.

You are ENCOURAGED to show off your studio in high-resolution pics of your high-end equipment.

You are EXPECTED to engage in pointless, epic arguments to defend your favorite analog synth against someone who says Fruity Loops is just as good.

And I'll admit to doing all these things, btw.
Woo Hoo, Happy new year.

I think I'll just make a resolution to make as little music as I can, spend as much of my time as I can on forums making arcane, obscure points about synths, listen people's clips, etc.

Then next year this time I won't be disappointed at how little I've actually use my gear.

Luckily this is a hobby of mine (amongst others) so I have no monetary incentive.

Then again, I think I'll really, really be ready to make some great music as soon as I get an Eventide Eclipse, and an Oberheim SEM.
That's all I need.

No really, this time I mean it. For real. No, seriously. I do.

pop is alive!