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Old 30th December 2010
Various Tips

Hi Ken!

I was wondering if you could shed any light on mixing, when you have all your tracks in place and you start a session.. would you typically push everything up n get an instant feel for the mix, or do you have a different approach say get your drums up n balanced, followed by bass for example?
Also would you tend to knock out 1Khz on snare drums? to my ears theres a kind of squishy fatness to lots of your snare sounds, without pinginess if that makes sense..
Did you tend to use any compression on your overall drum tracks to bring any kind of tone or character?
And one more would any artists you recorded with want a reverb or delay foldback in theyre headphones whilst tracking to help them perform better? Id be interested to hear of any particular artists who needed an inspired leg up so to speak

Thanks again,