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i thought you just sold a JP8?

I think I did answer you in your last thread about this...reliability lamm etc..

just add..the MM sounds nothing like any of the other monster polys and thats due in the main to it having the uniqueness of 3 VCO's...makes a huge difference to the tonal possiblities..its much more organic than a JP8 more like an OB-X in that way..very flexible and capable of a ton of stuff..
I sold my JP8 a few years ago and regretted it ever since.. Would love an OBX but they are super rare aroun these parts. I've only ever see one on AU eBay and it sold for 4K. The guy had the thing completely over-hauled with midi and heaps of spare parts to make it future proof. So pissed of I didn't grab it.. Got the Chroma instead though so kind if worked out for the best.

I'm not really sure I'd descrie the MM being more organic than this two synth.. Too me MM is a bit more heavy hitting and ballsy..