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Just to make your life difficult, here's a Sound on Sound review of the M9. They compare it very favorably to the CAD VSM-1, which I have and is a REALLY good mic. If it really compares so well to the VSM-1, it's a steal at the current MF price. Heck, I've nearly pulled the trigger on an M9 a couple of times, and I'm exerting significant self control right now!


All that said, if you are starting out, go with the 2003a/603s combo and the V67g if you are bound and determined to spend $250. That'll give you three mics that will cover a lot of turf... more than a single M9, even if it's dang good.
Another right on post. The M9 at amazon made it down to sub $200 or so before they took it down, along with the MXL V6. I was watching it but it didn't last long. If I had not just bought the two CM-6's, I'd have a couple of those.

Just ran through a Blumlein setup with the CM-6's and my wife was singing. She won't let me post it though. They're not bad at all. Still have some burning in to do, but I'm still happy with em. There's a peak in the highs, but it's not harsh. Sounded just like she did, giggling under her breath and all.