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Here for the gear

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Just to say one more thing, the V67G is not a bad mic and is useful as well. But when I tried it on my guitar cab, it did not fair so well where the 2003A did. I just ran a VO test with a friend of mine who has a deep bass voice and the 2003A and V88 were both better than the V67G. But for $87 bucks, it's a great deal as well. Check the plots, very similar. And if you don't know about, it's another great resource for most things microphone. The 2003A has the pad and rolloff as well, which is another selling point.

I'm not so worried about mic amping. I use a Robert Godin guitar into the VG99 Roland cabinet emulator/midi guitar creature and it's thoroughly awesome. It goes direct in USB into Cubase with no issues. The acoustic piezo on it actually sounds better than my martin on recordings.

I'm beginning to embrace technology