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Old 29th December 2010
The CAD M9 is an interesting mic and I really wanna get one two

It's Tube driven and OP amped balanced output like their Equitek mics (E100-E350). The tube is sourced from Russia and is an 12AX7. However, I believe a nice NOS Mullard from BOWIE would be nice in it!

For the price it's ready to compete with the TLM series from Neumann, especially after the tube swap. I feel like I'm biting recordinghacks... :/

Seriously, it is supposed to be a great mic and yea any CAD Equitek and M series mic is gonna be good. For vocals I'd give a thumbs up to the M9, but it's the other direction of the V69 ME.

Now... is it a better option then the 2003a and the V67G?

IDK, but what I do know is that I LOVE my CAD e-350's! This opamp design that CAD uses is awesome and really delivers great results.

Only reason I haven't bought an M9 is because well... I haven't needed it

Hope that helps!