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Old 29th December 2010
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Hi all,

I was silent for more than a week, but we had a lot of progress in this period.
The platforms are almost complete, the ceiling is done, and we're placing absorbent baffles around the room:

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0099.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0080.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0074.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0077.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0100.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0079.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0094.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0102.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0075.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0078.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0090.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0073.jpg

New rooms in Portugal-_mg_0098.jpgNew rooms in Portugal-_mg_0076.jpg

You can see more about bass traps by clicking HERE