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Here for the gear

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If I can use my knowledge of tube mic design to assist you, this is what I'll say.

The MXL V69 ME has a FET applifier with a tube balanced output circuit. It is a "bright" mic because it has a pressence peak in the 8-10 k range that is about 4 db more then a "typical" vocal mic... That said some sources sound really good on it... I bought one and swapped out the tube, but my friend bought it off me because well I needed the money :p

The MXL V69 XM (if I'm not mistaken, I've never seen the insides of this mic, but this how it usually goes with mics) has a tube driven amplifier with a transformer balanced output. It does not have the extra 4 db in the 8-10 k range.

The MXL V67G has a FET driven amplifier with a tranformer balanced output. And also does not have the extra 4 db in the 8-10 k range.

Now the V67G has been called a good mic, but cheap sounding. I would recommend a completely different mic... The MXL 2003a.

The 2003a has a FET driven amplifier and a tranformerless (circuite balanced) output, but it uses higher quality components and has a very good sound.

Now with the transformer balanced mics some will say you will have more "mojo" because of the iron, but from my understanding that's part of the cheaper sound in some of these mics because of the smaller size of the transformers.

So, if you wanna know what I think you should get... Well, I'd say the MXL 2003a. Do a search on it... You have thread 10 pages long on it alone.

Also, search the Stellar CM-6... Another great option.

Okay 5th time now... what Min and Budget MC have said about these mics have got me thinking now about BOTH the 2003A AND the V67G. I was going to spend 219 on the Mogami and if these are both better... maybe i should get both?

What about the Cad M9?

Buy CAD M9 Tube Large Diaphragm Microphone | Condenser Microphones | Musician's Friend

Looks pretty awesome actually and I've heard good things. Should I spend it all to get one really good mic or should I stick with the MXL's which continue to over acheive?