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Old 29th December 2010
Here for the gear

How did I know that if I posted this on here, that I would get such great responses from everyone?

This is great and I thank all of you.

So here is my last question...

Since budgetmc and mista min are saying that the V67G is so good for that price (89 bucks) and that they also think that the 2003A is so superior to most mics out there and i see that MA has it for 169!!... should I just spend the 250 and get both?

I was going to spend 219 on the 69 mogami, if these mics are so great ... maybe I should get both of them (i can always mod up on the 67g later)...

or... is there something now in the 250 range that blows them both away?

like the CAD m9
Buy CAD M9 Tube Large Diaphragm Microphone | Condenser Microphones | Musician's Friend

I noticed someone had wonderful things to say about this mic.