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Old 29th December 2010
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Hey, just to add something else. You asked if it compares to the Bluebird.

The bluebird is a great mic from what I've heard. I've heard that the tone is GREAT, and that, for the price, it's an awesome mic! I would say it's comparable to the V69 for sure, just a different type of mic (the V69 is tube while the Bluebird is not).

The only negative thing I've heard about the BlueBird is that it tends to have a sweet-spot that requires you to get pretty-close to the mic. If you're not close enough, the mic will tend to not pick up lower frequencies. I'm not sure to what extent this is true, I only read about it on a review in a magazine. This shouldn't be a problem if you're recording vocals.

Both are great mics, though. I was about to pick up a BlueBird the other week (but I decided to be content with the mic I'm currently using), and the V69 is one I've been keeping I'd recommend that you try them out before you buy them (and test them out on your voice).