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Old 29th December 2010
Here for the gear

Buying a new MXL mic... need updated info (not on budget thread). Mogami? V67G mod?

There's almost too much information here but very little on the MXL V69ME or MXL V69XM.

This is mostly for male vocals (and just a little bit for a Martin Acoustic, but not too much)... lower register baritone range. Need something with a bit of a growl or punch at times other times sort of Nick Cave like... the music sort of progressive Marillion like

Going to be going through the Golden Age mic pre...

I know that most people have been modding the V67G but it may be sometime before I can get that done.

Is the new MXL V69 with the "mogami" like a modded mic?

I don't know whether to go MXL V69XM, V69ME or V67G and that will suffice for now... or really what these differences really are

Also how do these compare to the "Blue" mics like the bottle or new "Spark" or the blue bird?

Also how do these compare to Avant's CV-12.

I would like the best bang for my buck. I've heard that I could spend all I want on these "better mics" and in many ways the MXL V67G straight out of the box is great even before the mod.

Can somebody help me sort through all of the data? I need to spend as little as possible to achieve pro results, as the Golden Age Mic Pre is $300 and I don't have much left, but if I have to spend the bigger bucks I will.

Oh and recording through m-audio fast track pro and into Cubase 5