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Aha, I think I understand your question. You want to wire up the console's LR Main inserts to the patchbay, and wire up the compressor I/O to the patchbay, so that you're not hardwiring them together, and neither are you draping long ugly TRS insert "Y" cables from the console to the patchbay & constantly plugging & unplugging these from the console, right?

Connect TRS - to - 1/4" insert cables from the console to the REAR of the patchbay. These will appear as FOUR 1/4" positions on the front of the patchbay, two upper, two lower. For example, if located in patchbay positions 17 & 18:

(upper row) >>> #17 Insert send L #18 Insert Send R
(lower row) >>> #17 Insert Retn L # 18 Insert Retn R

These should be NORMALLED jacks on the patchbay, so when you don't have anything inserted into them, the upper row is connected to the lower row, basically just like a pair of jumper wires from the sends to the returns.

Then, when you want to insert the compressor or anything else, you connect short patchcords from the #17 & #18 upper row jacks (sends) to the input jacks of some other gear located elsewhere on the patchbay, then from the outputs of that gear, to the #17 & #18 LOWER jacks (returns).