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Kidvybes has the Valvo and the Amperex I believe, which are also the tubes that BOWIE suggested to me (early Amperex he said). Is there anything else we maybe should be looking at? Tesla?

Let us know what the final verdict is on what y'all want to do and I'll consider it....TWICE. Hope Eddie does show up, I'm about tapped out....

...I'm currently running an NOS Valvo E80F in my CM-6...the E80F is a bit taller than the stock EF86 (6267), but it fits nicely inside the mic's cavity...other EF86 brands that seem to get positive reviews (besides Valvo and Amperex) on the Tube Asylum site are of course the Telefunkens (but way overpriced), the Mullards, and the Philips (Miniwatt)...NOS tubes of a 1950's-60's vintage are's a link to a vendor with more info:

...more info on the use of the EF86 in tube mics here:
Archive - Tube Choices for U67 wary of some of the newer reissue tubes from Tesla/JJ, Electro Harmonix, and the Russian (Svetlana) military version 6J32P tubes that pop up on eBay...also there are alot of Russian made EF86 tubes being re-labelled with the better brand logos (being sold on eBay)...

...Peter has supplied the CM-6 with the new Tung-Sol EF806s re-issue which is the best of the newly manufactured EF86 variants...the tube works fine and sounds good...but if you're interested in trying other tubes, chosr carefully...
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