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No, I understand the concept of patching At least I hope I do considering that I have three patchbays. I'm just confused on how you'd wire up the back of the patchbay, or better yet, use my new DSUB patchbay that I'm getting to go from 2 TRS send/returns for the Master Ins. L-R (which I'm assuming would take up two patchpoints like all my other TRS ones) into 4 XLR's (2 input and 2 output). Am I making any sense? Or better yet, if I go from one piece of gear that has XLR connectors on the back to another piece of gear that has TRS jacks, I just patch one point to the other... but for the inserts, it has a send and return coming from one plug... do I have to split that out onto two patch points instead one even though there's only one cable? It's so confusing it makes my brain hurt.

Basically, how the hell do you wire an insert cable into a patchbay? Can I get DSUB's order have insert cables on them? Thanks.