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We have been using this body for a 2-3 years now for our CM47 and CM47SE microphones. The CM-6 has a 1.07" /35mm OD capsule with 6 micron diaphragms and it was designed by John Peluso with the help of Verner Ruvalds who was a physicist for Georg Neuman.

It was Peter at Stellar that turned me onto the Chinese factory that made these bodies and I was able to get the factory to make all the other changes I required to build our modernized CM47 version and the more vintage CM47SE version of the original Neumann 47.

Incidently, the Chinese factory asked me to do a bit of consulting on the CM-6 for Peter which I was glad to do.

We use selected version of the same 1.07" capsule in our CM47 but we use a exact replication of the original K47 capsule used in the original U47 and M49 in our CM47SE.

Our CM47SE was recently used by Jacquire King to record background vocals on the new Kings of Leon CD and also in front of the bass amp.

In the CM47 and CM47SE we deviate from the original Neumann circuit easily emulated by the EF86/EF806 tube circuit by using a two stage circuit which allows us to optimize the LF response, tube linearity and headroom. We are able to get AT LEAST 6db more headroom from the dual stage circuit allowing it to be used in front of the bass amp.

I am not a big fan of the single pentode (wired as a triode) Neumann circuit as the two stage circuit is much more HiFi but China can easily build the older more Vintage sounding circuit or our circuit with the extended headroom.

The bottom line here is that these Chinese made microphones are getting better all the time and the Chinese builders are now listening to experienced recording engineers and techs. I still have to send them tubes for our microphone builds but they are able to source everything else including better capacitors and transformers.

The CM-6 at $350 is probably the best entry level LDC microphone available. The tube is easy to change and the capsule has proven very reliable, consistent and smooth in response. It has a 9 pattern supply like our CM47 which I find invaluable over the original U47 OMNI/CARD only option.

Now, you still have to stay on top of China as we were just shipped some power supplies for our CM47 and CM12 microphones that had a fuse substitution that blew when using the microphones at 120v operation.

However, I caught this pretty quickly and only about 6 power supplies got out with the under-fused supplies but they are covered by our warrantee.

All our microphones are re-tested here in our shop in Canada but the fuse did not blow in every supply. The supply worked perfectly unless there was an access of in-rush current at turn on.

However, I can remember buying a $65,000 Trident Series 80 console back in the 80's that was also under fused for 120v operation. China runs on 220v operation the the power supply would only draw half the a/c current there.

The tube is easily replaced in these microphones and the circuit boards are also easily accessible for repairs of further upgrades.

Our CM47 currently sells for $735 and our CM47SE for $935 but we are out of stock until early February and we are currently on holiday until the middle of January. When we will be working on a new CM67 version for Jacquire King.

We can easily upgrade the CM-6 for folks with our custom K47 capsule for $149 installed which will give it the same response as an original U47 made after 1958. With the stock capsule it is more similar to the U67.


Dave Thomas.
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...unlike the Apex 460, the CM-6 is not a "stock" has an upgraded capsule, transformer, and a modified EF86 tube circuit with a premium TungSol EF806 it's very similar to the Apex 460 or Nady 1050, BUT, all the preferred mods/upgrades have already been implemented...

...more info here:
and here: