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I'm running hd native with an omni and a 16x16 on a current 8 core. It way outperforms the hd3 on dual 2 g5 that I replaced. I mean waaaay outperforms. It feels very snappy, like a smoothly running hd rig. With the various buffer settings and llm option I can track with comparable latency or better with no external mixer. It has been a fairly easy transition. All tdm plugs with rtas versions have just installed from the tdm installer and worked normally. There are a couple of quirky bugs in 9.0 that need to be worked around but nothing that stops you working easily. I'm really pleased. If I had upgraded my pci cards to hd3 accel on pcie it would have cost a lot more and not been capable of this level of performance.

Thanks for your input!! That's kind of how I feel. I think I can save a lot of money and get a better rig. I want to get a HD rig for work, but also would like to get some UAD cards as well. Only so much room in the new macs and I don't really want to mess around with expansion bays.