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Here's a slight aside.

Since PT9 supports OMF Natively now, what is the big impetus to go PT? The platform is what is taught in the educational setting, however since OMF is a format embraced by multiple DAWs that whole back and forth compatibility thing seems a little less of an issue.

As well....since PT8s and PT9s format was recently solved, there is no longer a gap for those of you receiving PT format sessions and yet you don't own PT.

You can buy a copy of AAtranslator and load across most session formats that come your way. Then when you are finished you can export from whatever format you're working in to PT 7 8 or 9.

I really think you should find the workflow that suits you best and master it. If that happens to be Pro Tools, Reaper, Logic or Fruity Loops, then get busy at being great at it!

I really think that they should unlock the high trackcount feature for PT9 instead of making it so you have to drop a couple grand to get the extra tracks. The higher track count feature for 9 doesn't make it an HD by any means. The HD version of PT is still based around those DSP cards which are proprietary. I don't see the issue.

Before people start chiming in on why high track counts are X Y and Z. Just consider this.

I think you will start seeing higher track counts on a larger level in the PT9 (non HD) world since the feature is THERE as a standard feature. People will do what they can and complain about what they can't. Human nature.

Rant off.