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As far as the boutique upgrades, I'm talking best possible parts on a great starter platform.

What we're proposing (still brainstorming) is:

New K67/K47 capsule from the best house on the planet.

Sick transformer from one of the best sources around.

Circuit tweaks/improvements and then some.

And make it Crazy Eddie affordable.

BTW I highly highly highly recommend a NOS EF86. They are definitely worth the coin.

Kidvybes has the Valvo and the Amperex I believe, which are also the tubes that BOWIE suggested to me (early Amperex he said). Is there anything else we maybe should be looking at? Tesla?

Let us know what the final verdict is on what y'all want to do and I'll consider it....TWICE. Hope Eddie does show up, I'm about tapped out....