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Old 25th December 2010
Here for the gear

Avid HD Native ???? Iluminate me !

I,m going to change all my system cause I have :
-Apple G5
-HD3 PCI - 1core 2accell
-192 interface

My first thought was :
-Mac Pro 8 core
-Avid HD

BUT..... been reading the good news about HD Native and I,m doubting.
-I never have a production with more than 120 tracks.
-With a very good computer like the 8core I dont think the Rtas its gonna be worst than TDM (64bits vs. 48bits limited no ? )
-I,ve read that the latency its not a problem in native version.

In the other hand:
-I have a Lynx Aurora interface and a 192 and they dont link each other, one is in the core, the other in the accell...
With the native version I have to sell the Aurora if I,m going to buy the Avid HD ??
-There will be a TDM2 ? It,s that true.... a TDM2 for what ?