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BUT at least now drummers are considered people! heh
Since when? The wife still feeds me at the same time as the dog and cat. I know my place.

I have and play an acoustic kit, but frequently record with my e-kit because it's faster to do so, and honestly I play the pads a little faster. They certainly aren't as expressive, but they ARE a little quicker. It's just simple math: tighter pads make for faster rebound meaning less power necessary, plus physical distance being lessened (each pad is mounted more closely together than I can get my toms)'s just faster.

Not that I think they're a great substitute in a live situation, but they definitely have their place. Someone mentioned fatigue...great point there. I can kick on the edrums all damn day without ever feeling it the next.

Sure I could get similar results playing softer on the acoustic kit, but where's the fun in that?

All that said...I got the edrums when I knocked the wife up. It was a compromise. Everything I just wrote is shame-based rationalizations so I can continue to justify choosing harmony over awesomeness, but when the chips are down...hell yeah I prefer my Gretch maple shells. Always have, always will.