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thats interesting...does he have one yet to analyze and hear? I'm curious what he plans for it.
I thought the capsule in the Stellar was considered one of the good ones China churns out, as is, the same that the modders are using as upgrades?
...yes, the stock 35mm 6-micron mylar K-67 capsule in the CM-6 is very good and a big step up from the stock Nady and Apex capsules...what Jim is considering is a capsule and transformer swap of the absolute highest quality...I'll wait for him to be more specific, but we're talking serious "boutique" level components... is the quick raw vocal snippet I did the other day, along with the riddim track...the vocal was tracked very close to take advantage of the CM-6's great proximity you get closer to the mic, the mic really warms up and sibilance is reduced (remember, the capsule is mounted high, so that the top crossbar of the headbasket intersects the capsule's exposure, reducing essi-ness) can download the 2 MP3 tracks, import them into your DAW and create your own mix treatment...

...the third track is illacov's "qwik-mix" for the tracks...

...I hope to have some female vocals up after the holiday!...

...and the riddim track is the work of another truly talented GS member, Funny Cat, who is working with me on Adam's (the singer) project...Musical Blessings!...
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