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Old 24th December 2010
"people who play electronic drums are not real drummers"

I've heard this said before, but it's really just kinda silly.

I would love to have a handmade Walnut Sonor kit with Istanbul cymbals just like the next guy...but since I have two small kids and I don't have an acoustically isolated space, my TD9 is the sensible solution. I could be "purist" and just not play drums until I can have a "real" kit to use. Instead, I've chosen a very practical option that gives me a lot of real flexibility for recording, practicing and playing.

My acoustic kit is in storage, and I will certainly still use it in the future when we have the right space to do so.

I'm a big fan of thinking for myself and formulating my own opinion. The things I practice on the TD9 have translated perfectly to a real acoustic kit.

I've had lots of experience with Roland V-drums (but I can't speak for other brands).
Any honest drummer playing one of the higher end V-drum kits with mesh pads would have very little to complain about realistic feel. Are there differences? Absolutely...but not enough to go on a crusade about it.

Make music. Be happy.
They're great.

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