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Old 23rd December 2010
Gear Head

(1) Electronic drums are not 'real drums' - as in 'acoustic drums'.
(2) Acoustic drums came first (by many thousands of years) and so have the right to be casually referred to as 'real' drums.. as opposed to...
(3) ..... electronic drums which are electronic drums, which makes them different to real drums (acoustic drums).
(4) This does not mean electronic drums are literally less 'real' - they are still real - (they are not imaginary) and they are still capable of producing sounds (typically percussive sounds).
(5) This also does not mean that people who play them are not 'real' - they are still real and tend to be also referred to as drummers - or 'e-drummers'.
(6) However the techniques are very different ....
(7) .... as are the expressive and sonic possibilities...
(8) .... although there is much overlap.
(9) And they all lived happily ever after.
(10) The end