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Old 27th February 2006
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What's the best way to hook up a mix buss comp?

I've mainly been doing tracking at my place, but I wanted to start doing some mixing so I was going to take a stab at getting some mix buss compression going, but I'm not sure how exactly to hook it up. I'm mixing on my Venice out of PT's and then recording the mix back into PT's.

Would I put the compressor between the master output of the console and PT's... if so, how would I monitor that exactly? If I try to listen on the channel that I'm recording the mix to, it just creates a feedback loop... would I patch the comp into the master insert instead? If that's the case, then I'm completely confused on how to wire up the TRS cables and the patchbay to do send/return into whichever comp I pick. I should just stick to playing guitar... these stuff is so confusing and overwhelming sometimes. Thanks.