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Old 22nd December 2010
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I'm working in Modular environments mainly (Nord Modular G2 and MAX/MSP) and I usually have "study days". One day it is FM and I try to explore the subject and make lots of patches. Other days it is waveshaping, tempo-syncing, etc. and I try to do stuff in ways I haven't seen in synthesizers. I also make lots of patches for my alternative controllers that makes me think in new ways.

When it comes to my MS20 and the rest of the regular synths I usually just dial up the sound I need when I need it.

And yes. I have patching days and production days and they rarely coincide. When I need to get stuff done I don't wanna get caught patching sounds, but usually the patch days brings me a few papers filled with musical ideas to use on the production days.

(BTW, I make my living from working in this way)