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About ten years ago I bought a Nord Modular and found the old Nord Modular mailing list. It was a great group of folks who emailed each other and discussed tons of new ideas and attached patch files to their emails (the NM allows you to save patch data as simple little text files and easily transfer and share them). Even though I already had about 20 years of patching experience at that time, because it was a diverse group with different backgrounds and approaches to patching, I started to learn entirely new ways of patching.

That group later moved to the forums at Electronic Music - community forum, news, reviews, calendar, CDs which is not as active today, but still has lots of good discussion and new patch ideas.

I think this same idea could apply to folks with other gear as well. Find a group of folks with the same synth you have (on line or in person) and start sharing some patching tips & tricks.