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Old 21st December 2010
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I had a pair of TC40k's (predecessors to the QTC40) for years until I recently sold them. Excellent mics if you're looking for the most natural sound possible. Best I've used on classical guitar and harp, and really nice on piano for certain styles. The TC's were just too darned noisy for me. I know the QTC40 is five or six db quiter, but still quite noisy when compared to many other modern SDC's, so using a quiet preamp and positioning the mics pretty close is critical. I can see using them on group vocals or choirs in a good room, but not solo or lead vocals. But I never tried it, so who knows?

I replaced mine with a pair of Jim Williams-modded AKG 460B's with multiple capsules. Great mics, much quieter—but definitely with a bit of vibe the Earthworks didn't have, and I have on occasion missed that total transparency.