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1. " I believe they used an Ibrahim Pegasus 2000...designed by a conservative Iranian military think tank to remove all of the sonic and musical "impurities" usually associated with Soul or Rhythm and Blues; degenerate forms of music originated by African American peasants and their only slightly higher caste caucasian exploiters in the late 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. These recordings generally featured exciting and/or meaningful songs, inspired ensemble-style session "players"... and a recording and mixing approach that featured dynamics, a "listenable" top end, aggressive yet detailed and substantial midrange, and "downtown" bass.

the Pegasus 2000 effectively removes all of these vain anomalies that are unpleasing to God and were once associated with most of the "professional" recordings that came from the United States, or the Great Satan if you will. I am pretty sure that Team Timberlake used one of these consoles."

2. " He also rode a unicorn for transportation to and from the studio."