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I've said I reserve the right to post here to correct mis-information and libel. And gosh darn it - it just seems like there's been a fcuking lack of checks and balances around here lately. Must be four thousand fcuking words about a mic that has sold three units (go over to eBay and count them yourself) - and no audio.

Oh gee. I forgot. This place is not about fcuking recording and actually using one's own fcuking ears. Its about talking about recording and reading what some "poser" - oops, "poster" has to say, right?
This scares me!!!!

I can envision him taking a break from modding to check out this forum, getting really upset, and then returning the the mics full of anger and wanting to smash them against the wall.

No doubt he's a pro and this won't happen, but I'm still scared none-the-less.