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You have 3 questions really:

1. For the amp/cabinet switcher, the Ampeg ones work well. Mine keeps a steady 4 ohm load on the heads whether they're plugged into a cab or not. In theory, I could leave them turned on and just switch cabinets. In practice, I don't trust it that well, so I put each amp on standby when I switch. When on standby, there's no current flowing thru the output transformer, so it doesn't hurt to unplug the head completely. Which bring us to question 2:

2. If the amp head is on standby, you can unplug and replug cabs to your hearts content. You can have every head in the studio on standby and just switch cabs if you want. For the most down and dirty way to make this work, build a cable with a 1/4" jack on one end and a female 1/4" connector on the other. Plug it into the cab and drape over the front of the cab so it's easy to access. Each head then has it's own cable with 2 1/4" male ends. Simply mate the head to the cab "speaker cables" and switch on...

3. You can easily split a guitar signal to more than one amp using any number of splitters. You'd like to keep the impedance the guitar sees high to preserve high end, so you need a solution that isolates the amps, not just an ABY box. Transformer balanced switchers like the Radial Switchbone have the least likelihood of ground loop hum...