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Finally, I'd like to point out the absolute hypocrisy of this forum in regards to having "enthusiasm about a product that I honestly believe offers exceptional value." That's great, I applaud it, and yet there are a group of 5-6 members who find it necessary to deride EVERY thread related to Joly's mods lately, when he is doing the SAME thing - promoting a product he honestly believes delivers exceptional quality. Just because he makes money on his services does not make his enthusiasm any less valid. Of course his mics/mods are not everyone's cup of tea, just as these mics aren't.

I will agree with this statement, as I have ended up having to chime in on the "rescue the newbs" deal to reitterate that MJoly did NOT in fact hold a gun to my head and order me to send him 4 of mics for mod. Same as I don't think it's cool to slam someone else for their evaluation of a mic that they feel is cost effective...In any thread.

I think people should always have the "buyer beware" mentality and do some research. But with all this going on, it only fuels the confusion of who to believe, who has an agenda etc. etc. Like I said before, listening to clips and studying response plots only gets us so far because, lets face it, those can be manipulated too if someone desired it. There has to be a level of trust or else we're back to where we started, just buying mics and then returning them if they suck. Which some places won't even let you do that anymore. I came to this forum in search of experienced advice and opinions from professionals that know what they're talking about as far as the technical aspects of certain gear, as well as professional users of gear that could tell me how it works for them. But as these threads derail into a penis flexing contest sometimes, it makes me pause and wonder why I'm wasting my time reading them. Must be the drama of it all.