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Hi Rob, One of the initial ideas for the album was for sound effects and as I had come from EMI, where they had a vast array of specially recorded effects tapes, I was not happy to make use of any of the disks that were available. We therefore rented a Nagra and when we needed special sound FX we went to places we could record them. I recorded the kids in School from a back yard adjacent to my kids school. All of the Rudy sounds were recorded by Roger and John, if I remember correctly, at one of the major London train stations. The violin leading into the very end section was in fact a street busker that happened to be playing just outside the station entrance.

As far as the voices go, I'm going to answer from memory, OMG, because I can't be bothered to pull it out and listen, but I think the mind set was that Rick was the lead character all the way through and should stay centre as the lead, whilst Roger was a bystander asking questions.