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...I have tried to be forthcoming in saying repeatedly that this mic is in no way implied to be on par with, or a substitute for, any of the classic mics referenced, simply that certain structural elements are derivative of those original designs...when Dave Thomas of Advanced Audio makes these same references about his mics, does that irk you? (his similarly built chinese-made CM-47 went head-to-head with a $6500 Wunder CM-7 in Tape Op magazine, and held it's own)...when Oktavamod makes direct comparisons of their chinese capsule to the Neumann original, does that irk you too?...BTW those mics in your avatar have direct lineage to the same designs, but that doesn't irk you?...oh, I'm sorry, those aren't chinese mics...

...what is the title of this thread?...maybe you should read it again...

"Wanna Tube Mic To Go With Your Pre-73?..."

...what I am saying is simply that, if you're one of the hundreds of GS members that purchased a GAP PRE-73 and were pleased with it, here is another piece of gear that delivers similar value, and falls proportionately in line with the cost-verses-performance quotient offered by the GAP product...

...upon it first release, I posted my impressions about the PRE-73...of course references had to be made to it's derivation of design based on the classic Neve 1073, but no one's saying that it equals the original's sonic integrity...but it does give the low-end enthusiast (we're still posting in the "Low-End Theory, are we not?) an opportunity to be introduced to an affordable product that shares some sonic resemblance to a classic...most GAP has introduced their COMP-54, another inexpensive homage to a Neve classic... is in my opinion, that this microphone offers the same value, and is a good addition to the PRE-73 for those that might be interested...most of the remarks made here referring to classic mics are in reply to questions where some general frame of reference is requested...frankly, I don't care about any of those classic mics, nor do I intend to make direct comparisons to such...I compare this mic to other similarly priced products, and that is where the reference to an Oktavamod product enters the discussion...and if my dissatisfaction with the value of a product or service trouble you, so be it...we have a difference of opinion...but I couldn't care less what mics you have...I'm not even sure why you're reading this thread...this is a $300 my humble opinion, outside of my SM7, it's the best $300 mic I've ever purchased (and I've purchased many)...I am sincerely enthusiastic about the value of this mic, and I am simply passing along the recommendation to others that might be interested...if my enthusiasm "irks" you, well, what can I say...maybe you should exit "Low End Theory" and seek out other less "irk-ing" locales...

...I will be posting sound files in the near future, but the holidays have made it a bit more difficult to assemble talent (I myself am not a singer)...and we also hope to do a shootout of comparative products, to put things in better perspective...
...I think before you assault my enthusiasm about a product that I honestly believe offers exceptional value, you need to examine just what the reason is you're reading this thread in the first place...

...have a Merry Christmas!
I appreciate your clarification here on all matters. No, it does not irk me when people compare their mics to a classic, only when it seems to be declared to be "on-par" rather than just loosely based on the design of said mic.

As for Joly's capsules, I don't really care myself - I don't have any interest in a capsule swap and never saw the value in that, it's the modded Oktavas that I've always liked. And part of the reason was how good they sounded, in comparison to great mics, on his website.

While some might be inclined to buy a cheapish mic on what you or others have to say about it, I am not, and just like others say they want to "not let newbs fall under the sway" of certain mic retailers I feel compelled to speak up when it seems this forum is inundated with posts about cheap mics that supposedly sound "90% as good as more expensive mics," to quote that other thread.

I appreciate your usage of the phrase "cost-versus-performance." I will get behind you 100% in supporting the purchase or support of mics with a good c. vs. p. ratio. Just not when they are pushed beyond this territory to being "close or equal" to a $7000 vintage mic.

Finally, I'd like to point out the absolute hypocrisy of this forum in regards to having "enthusiasm about a product that I honestly believe offers exceptional value." That's great, I applaud it, and yet there are a group of 5-6 members who find it necessary to deride EVERY thread related to Joly's mods lately, when he is doing the SAME thing - promoting a product he honestly believes delivers exceptional quality. Just because he makes money on his services does not make his enthusiasm any less valid. Of course his mics/mods are not everyone's cup of tea, just as these mics aren't.