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To All,
I just wanted to chime in one more time on this while it's on my mind. I've listened to tube mic shootouts ad-nauseum and read every "best budget tube mic" thread I could find over the past TWO years. I bought an AT3060 because it was cheap and still haven't had the occasion to use it as I'm just a musician and do not have a "clientele" as of yet. I wanted these microphones because of the specs and MP capability. Kidvybes enthusiam about the mic was a factor in my decision (as well as what Peter was saying about it). While he may not be considered to be a "mic expert", I don't feel he is a poser either. He has credentials that are far beyond mine and he owns many more microphones than I, and I consider him credible. It was not a knee jerk purchase by me as I've been looking for mics of this type at this price for a long time. Hopefully the forthcoming clips will dispell all of this and we'll find out there's a great new mic at an affordable price.