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I been a part of GS for over a years now, I reframe from posting anything because I find it silly to engage into uneducated discussions with some of the people that post here. The general populations here are great educated people for the most part… It's human nature to make comparisons or to use short-hand references in order to provide context. Then there's hyperbole – an exaggeration that tends more toward attention-grabbing than proper comparison. MJ You should not compare or make remark about a product you know nothing about. Purchase the CM-6 Tube mic, I must say I personally think the mic sound AMAZING!!!!!! At first I thought it sounded a little bright, but in a very musical way. Once I let the tube burn in for a few days I was confident that the CM-6 Is one of the best sounding tube mic I Ever heard. I own about 80 plus mics between the price range of $15,000- $200 dollars. I will say this in closing I thank stellar for creating such a great product with such an attractive price point. Stellar don’t over charge for his mics like someone we all know of here on GS.
I too lurked for a long time before I started posting/commenting. Hearing another assessment from someone who owns one gives me even more comfort in my purchase. Thanks for sharing your evaluation.

As far as everything else going on in the thread, it is unfortunate. All I want is good mics for a good price. I don't expect I'll ever own anything with the N badge just like I'll never own a Mercedes. I've only heard a few classic vintage mics in person and of course they were awesome. But the most interesting thing to me is how close some of these new mics sound to them (to me anyway). From the camps that say "modded can sound pretty close" to the camps that say "that cheap crap will never sound close" all makes it even more confusing because, when I read the backgrounds of people on both sides, they all have worthy credentials and are by no means chumps. Listening to clips is fine, but even then there's so many variables there too. Anyway, everybody's got an opinion obviously, but up here it seems to boil over from time to time, making it even more difficult to make an informed decision about buying something when bias enters the fray.

Thanks again for the post.