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...I'm trying not to make direct references, but the structural design of the CM-6 incorporates some of the major elements of the U67 (EF86 circuit and K67 capsule) as well as a transformer based on the U47's BV8 and the capsule/headbasket configuration is similar to that mic's as well...most of the structural elements of contemporary products are derivative of classic designs, but do not necessarily imply sonic similarity...
This irks me. So the CM-6 incorporates a K67 capsule? Really? Straight from Neumann?? And a trafo BASED on the BV8. How do you know? What exactly do you base this info on (what the manufacturer/seller says??)? Have you opened up and measured the both the CM-6's trafo and a BV8? Just wondering.

So you are saying this mic has all the right elements to sound like a Neumann? Oh but your last sentence gives it has "structural elements" but not necessarily any "sonic similarity." And yet it seems like every other post I read you are recommending these mics as the holy grail of Low-End, as if they had similar performance to the expensive stuff.

I'm still not clear on this. Do you yourself own or use on a constant basis any mics that you are constantly comparing these cheap mics too? And do you know these mics are in good condition?

All I have seen in this forum lately is you blathering on about this and that mic, and I haven't seen one real review or sound clip to really show what this or that mic can do. It looks to me like the run-of-the-mill Chinese mic with Chinese capsule and Chinese build quality done at a price-point to meet the demands of the distributor - which is FINE, but hyping it like it's a direct recreation of a U-whatever is grating on me.

Your provocation of Mr. Joly bugs me to. You want to give the full story about his "frantic email," or just leave the hint of "background turmoil" between y'all as a way to make people wonder? We get it, you don't like Joly's mods or something. Whatever.

Let me put my "2c" in here. I have used plenty of budget mics that were supposed to be really good and "recreate the classics." Except then I used a Neumann U89 and I heard what a real Neumann capsule and transformer sound like. None of these Chinese capsules have the midrange sound of the real Neumann. Sorry. They might look similar on paper but they don't sound the same. No, Joly's Premium modded 219 didn't sound like it either, BUT it sounded a lot closer than the Chinese mics. I think the capsule/transformer in the Oktava is at work there.

I'm out of town, but when I have a chance this week I will put up my modded 219 and U89 and post some clips, as a show-and-tell. If you search my old posts you will find some really good soundclips of the Oktavas already.

Now I challenge you this: If you think whatever cheap Chinese mic is so awesome, I challenge anyone to send me one or two and I will try it out directly against whatever mics I might own (see my website) and post the clips here.