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I hope not... Why compare mics like these to U47/48's and U67's... stop it!!!!
...I'm trying not to make direct references, but the structural design of the CM-6 incorporates some of the major elements of the U67 (EF86 circuit and K67 capsule) as well as a transformer based on the U47's BV8 and the capsule/headbasket configuration is similar to that mic's as well...most of the structural elements of contemporary products are derivative of classic designs, but do not necessarily imply sonic similarity...

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IHe says it's a good mic and sounds like a proper broadcast mic. How does it compare to the JJaudio V67g(U87 mod)? Is it smoother? I like the real midrange push of the U87 and my CAD e350's, though the CAD's I feel are smoother (will be doing a shootout with a Telefunken U 47, vintage U 87, SM7b, and my e350 on my voice using several new preamps at a buddies studio here in Munich). Will the shootout include only tube mics?
...we're trying to persuade some talent to help us provide sound file samples, but the holiday madness is making it more difficult than usual (lots of people are out of town)...hope to get some files up this week (you certainly don't want to hear me sing!)...

...I did a direct comparison of the CM-6 and the JJ modded V67G and ran response the absence of sound files for the moment, you can see the similarities of performance here:

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Will the shootout include only tube mics? Can you use the CM-6 with the stock tube and an NOS tube to compare the difference in sound?

Also, one thing on NOS tubes versus modern ones. The NOS tube is a better bet, because the new ones (though they sound good now) eventually sound bad later. I don't know how to explain it. I'm not saying that the tubes are bad for what they are, but an NOS tube in that circuit is a better bet.

What would be a good tube to swap out for EF86? or 806 since we discussed them before on this or another thread and you pointed out to some examples that might work.

Any ideas?
...we're gonna try to keep the selection limited to tube mics that are either "pre-modded" of aftermarket modded...probably about a half dozen or so...
depending on whether a NOS tube makes any audible improvement over the premium stock tube, the CM-6 will be shot-out with the best tube option I have available...
...yes, I've heard that many of the new "re-issue" tubes have questionable life expectancies, but considering the hours spent recording are not extensive, I wouldn't let that unproven factor be a deterrent from considering that option... is an interesting post from the Neumann website concerning tube options for the EF86 microphone circuit:
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...I have some good examples of both NOS EF86/6267 and E80F tubes coming this week for testing...