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Um... I don't really agree with the idea that the mix is smoke and mirrors, or that it's an illusion..

Fair enough -- just my way of expressing things

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what a thing is is how it relates to the context.. to a kind ecological norm.. that's how the mind works..

I mean that's what it is in the mind..

so you actually will make choices about elements that you wouldn't make if you were hearing that element on its own.

The second point I'd make is... Guitars.. perhaps more then any other instrument save keyboards.. are meant to be EQ'd. They take up a huge amount of frequency space.. and when mixing.. you decide how you want to crave up that space.. say to make room for whatever other elements you might like.

I mean this is part of what makes the guitar great from a mixing perspective.... its just very flexible.

In general.. the problem with EQ-ing instruments is.. you still have to make the thing you're EQ-ing sound like the thing it is.. another words.. we've all heard what a snare drum sounds like, an acoustic guitar, etc.. so how you EQ-it.. in part.. well.. its going to be compared to all the other snare drums or acoustic guitar sounds we've heard in our life..

but I guess just cause of how processed the electrical guitar is.. I mean in comparison with acoustic instruments.. we don't have as fixed an idea about it... so we can kinda knock our selves out a bit more. I was saying above, about eq-ing things in context... you can carve out guitars with eq, and they will still fit in the mix, and appear to the listener as big, full tones ---- very smoke and mirrors if you ask me....

Originally Posted by mattsearles View Post
But yeah.. that's also the thing about having a thickly layered mix with a tun of stuff going on.. generally you have to make each thing.. each part.. smaller.. as a result.. so that all of it can kinda fit together
So to make everything fit, you need to make everything smaller than it would prob be if you were listening to it solo'd, yet still give the listener the impression that everything is full-sounding and fat? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that pretty much the definition of illusion -- to convince someone they're hearing something that they actually aren't really?

Hmmm, I'm confused -- you said you disagreed with my viewpoint in your opening sentence, and then went on to make pretty much exactly the same points as I did......... Strange....