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Originally Posted by scottstoked View Post
Thanks for all the info you're providing on this mic. So just to be clear on the last statement, you're saying the CM-6 (not the CM-47) sound is closer to a U67?
...the CM-47 exhibits a bit more low mids and a subdued top-end, where the CM-6 has more upper mids and more sheen on the top...both mics will be in our upcoming shootout...

Originally Posted by Michael_Joly View Post
What with all these descriptors like "character", "distinct voicing", "more versatile", "equally competent", "similar to", "favors a U67 (sic) voicing as opposed to a U47 (sic) type" - (its U 67 and U 47 - you know how precise those "Germans" are right? but I digress). Sounds like a boatload of equivocating bull**** to me.
...pretty funny coming from the guy who coined the phrase, "Neumann-esque"...

Originally Posted by Michael_Joly View Post
I may get slagged off as a gear pimp, but I do put up professionally recorded samples comparing my work to the classics.
...aren't you the same guy that sent me a bunch of frantic emails asking me not to pressure you into submitting one of your modded mics for a shootout against Jim at JJ Audio here on GS?...

...what's your purpose on this thread? you have something constructive or relevant to offer up?...

...anybody else smell "nervous"?...

...people need to ask themselves, why did this guy come out of "retirement"? can't just be about this silly insignificant "eBay mic", can it?...