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I've said I reserve the right to post here to correct mis-information and libel. And gosh darn it - it just seems like there's been a fcuking lack of checks and balances around here lately. Must be four thousand fcuking words about a mic that has sold three units (go over to eBay and count them yourself) - and no audio.

Oh gee. I forgot. This place is not about fcuking recording and actually using one's own fcuking ears. Its about talking about recording and reading what some "poser" - oops, "poster" has to say, right?
...again, I reiterate, I was not the one who introduced the Stellar mic into this thread...

...and you come out of your GS retirement over a mic that sold 3 units?...hmmm...interesting...

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Ask Stellar to bring his mic to Hollywood and hire a $250 / hr studio with Gold and Platinum talent to evaluate it against the classics. You think an eBay seller who gets most of his revenue from selling tubes, who doesn't have a web site - or verifiable testimonials, is the picture of a sustainable business model?
...your presence on here, trying to diminish the guy's credibility speaks volumes about your real concerns...

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Enough with the hyperbole.
...jeez, even I'm getting tired of these rants...good lawd!..."hyperbole"?...where have I heard that before?...heh