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...I like the 4047 (my favorite AT mic)...
...the CM-6 is a bit less of a "character" mic than the 4047 which has a very distinct voicing...the CM-6 may be a bit more versatile for vocals, very balanced and not hyped, but it's a personal preference...rather than make a direct comparison, I'd prefer to say the CM-6 is an equally competent tool, and an exceptional value considering the price...if you want a tube mic to add to your mic closet, this mic easily compares to those that sell for twice the price...very similar to the $700 Advanced Audio CM-47, but with a EF86 tube circuit, rather than the CM-47's 6072 favors a U67 type voicing as opposed to a U47 type, while I don't mean to imply that either is a substitute for the originals...
You know. I'm pretty fcuk'in confused at this point.

What with all these descriptors like "character", "distinct voicing", "more versatile", "equally competent", "similar to", "favors a U67 (sic) voicing as opposed to a U47 (sic) type" - (its U 67 and U 47 - you know how precise those "Germans" are right? but I digress). Sounds like a boatload of equivocating bull**** to me. Based on what you've written before, I don't know if you're saying the U 47 or the U 67 is brighter? I may get slagged off as a gear pimp, but I do put up professionally recorded samples comparing my work to the classics.

Can you supply samples of your new found love against the classics? That would be a whole lot more informational than a thousand colorful words.

Oh fcuk, I must be sleep walking - because I'm not supposed to be here!