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well, you can already see where this is going....whoever has one of the modded MJ 1050's needs to put it up against the new one kidvybes is digging.
let the audio be the decider.
until then, it's just undefendable opinions over which "might" be better.
It'd be nice if the cheaper one easy $300 saved right there.
...maybe so...but the construction of both mics is similar enough that the likelihood is they will sound comparable, but slightly different due to the capsule voicings and circuit variations (by design, one is more in the family of the U47 "voicing", while the other is more towards the U67 "voicing", for whatever that's worth)...

..."better" is always subjective when auditioning mics (sonic beauty is in the "ears" of the beholder), and I believe both mics sound very good...but there's no ignoring that the price differential is rather dramatic, so it plays an important part in the comparison equation...pick your poison...heh